Kristian Matthiasson decides to step down as Arnarlax CEO

Björn Hembre, Arnarlax new CEO
Björn Hembre, Arnarlax new CEO

Kristian B. Matthíasson, co-founder of Arnarlax and CEO, has decided to step down from his position next year as his family is planning to move to Norway in the summer.

Kristian plans to take over the role of his father, Matthías Garðarsson, founder of Arnarlax, at the Board of Directors as well as pursuing special projects related to the future plans of the company. Matthías Garðarsson has requested more time for family and promoting salmon farming in Iceland.

The Board of Arnarlax has appointed Björn Hembre as next CEO of the company and he will begin his contract as of January 2019. Björn is a biologist with a long and successful career as manager of salmon farming companies in Norway.

On behalf of the Arnarlax board,
Kjartan Ólafsson