Our story

Arnarlax is the largest farmer and producer of Icelandic salmon. Our goal is to deliver a quality product to our customers in harmony with nature and the local community.

Arnarlax was founded in Bildudalur, a small Icelandic village inside a long fjord called Arnarfjordur. Bildudalur is the hometown to the founders so they knew that the area had great conditions for farming salmon in harmony with nature.

Arnarlax has from the beginning focused on three key factors when it comes to farming salmon. People, environment and biology. We understand the importance of skilled and capable people in order to build a strong, focused and unified team.

We also recognize our responsibility to the local community, and we emphasize on having a good and meaningful relationship with local officials, other local companies and residents.

Arnarlax is farming in the Westfjords of Iceland that is one of the most remote part of the country. The region offers a dynamic condition, high quality seawater and low temperatures that create the perfect settings for a healthy natural salmon. We are constantly monitoring all of the sites to make sure we are farming in a sustainable manners for years to come.



All of our sites has gone through environmental and risk assessment and are constantly monitored to make sure we are farming in a sustainable manners for years to come. We are using a three generation models that means that all of our sites gets a regular resting periods to minimize the potential impact on the seabed and all our equipment meets the Norwegian Standard, NS9415  that minimize the risk of escapes.