Salmon farmed
in harmony with nature

SalmonDynamic conditions, high quality seawater and low temperatures creates the perfect settings for a healthy natural salmon.

Our salmon is a good source of healthy fatty acid such as omega-3. High quality feed and high quality standarts makes our salmon nutritious and tasty.

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Bíldudalur, Iceland

Bíldudalur, Iceland

Fish jumpingThe rough winter conditions and low temperatures create the perfect settings for a healthy natural salmon in the clear waters of the Icelandic Westfjords.

Where does quality come from

It takes
a village

The Arnarlax operation is located in the rural area of the southern Icelandic Westfjords, a part of the country renowned for its heritage in fishing and seafood processing

With the entry of salmon farming in recent years there is again time for optimism and young people are moving back home to take part in this growing adventure.

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